Along with rebranding from Synaesthetic to aloom, we’ve revised our website: welcome to The Neon Ocean, a new kind of immersive site that users can swim through in layers.

It is small to start, but still effective in communicating our bold, simple-on-the-surface experiences that have unbound depth. Once you take the plunge, we invite you to just sit on a page and breath, we promise no widgets will pop up to attack you.. these glowing depths are a space to meditate on ideas and act mindfully — we won’t distract you with 20 buttons to choose from.

The goal of…

The past few months have been difficult for everyone, and Synaesthetic was no exception.

Aside from the challenges that many others are facing in these uncertain times, we here at Synaesthetic have had to accept another difficult reality; that our brand and content needed work because it wasn’t aligned with our customers and values. Although the name was accurate, unique, and authentic, it fell short of being accessible - which is a core value of ours. Not enough people could pronounce it, spell it, or knew what it meant… it failed at the basic utilities needed in a name.


What is Synesthesia to-Day? And yes, we’re aware of the spelling. For this article, we originally wanted to discuss the current state of the synesthesia industry, but during our research, we coincidentally enough came across Dr. Sean A. Day; a multi-synesthete, Professor of Anthropology, long-time Synesthesia researcher, and the President of the largest synesthesia organization in the world, the International Association of Synesthetes, Artists, and Scientists (IASAS).

Dr. Day not only shared scientific insights on the state of neuroscience research in synesthesia, but he went further to share his personal experience of being a synesthete. …

Here we look at the documented history of Synesthesia to Music, and fill in some of the gaps.

Synesthesia roughly translates to “sensing together” or “mixed perception”; it is the consistent and involuntary interconnection of one’s senses, such as seeing sounds. About 4% of the population are reported to have synesthesia, with those that do are called “synesthetes”. Although synesthesia is a general term, it takes on many specific forms (over 60) with some of the most common types being audibly and visually triggered — such as chromesthesia, the sensory connection of sound to color.

Many have written about Synesthesia

a humble opinion

Now that we’ve established what Synaesthetic / aloom is all about, let’s have some fun.

Even as a new-comer to the Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality / Virtual Reality space — it’s not surprising that the VR industry is failing (for convenience, I’ll refer to these all as VR in this post). Regardless of how established such companies are, how advanced their tech is, or the amount of resources they have, it seems that for many, common sense is lacking. …

This is the ethos & vision of Synaesthetic / aloom, a next-generation user experience company.

If you haven’t noticed, we live in a dysfunctional world — but I’m not referring to the COVID-19 pandemic that’s left malls empty to echo with the sound of starving rats, and skies to shine clearer without the collective flatulence of humanity… as our economic security melts away along with the icebergs.

No, the even more pervasive dysfunction that’s bothered me well before this year, is the reason I started Synaesthetic. Despite climate change trending global temperatures up, the world is getting colder. We trade…

Samim Safaei

CEO & Co-Founder @

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